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Izra Fitch

Nova Scotia singer/songwriter Izra Fitch has just released her latest single, The Hollywood Kids. Recently we spoke her about her passion for her profession.

When and why did you start playing music? It really started when I was a teenager. I grew up as a fairly reserved and observant person, with a really dramatic way of thinking underneath. Maybe it was from watching movies or feeling like an underdog or being raised by artists. In any case, I felt things deeply. Those first teenage heartbreaks and initial bouts of mental illness tied in with hormones, paved the way for me to put it into noise. Writing songs - and singing them – became a real outlet for those feelings.
Are they the same reasons you do it today? Absolutely. Although where I used to compose solely for myself, I now love the opportunity to share songs with an audience that can relate to them. Each song comes from a very personal place, and I try to ensure that they can be felt universally.
What are the challenges involved w…

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