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The Speed of Mercy

It has been a year since we last spoke with author Christy Ann Conlin. Like many of us, the Nova Scotia-based writer has spent much of her time adjusting to the world’s new normal. Unlike many of us, however, she has been juggling the Coronavirus pandemic with the impending publication of her fourth book, The Speed of Mercy. “It has certainly been strange in a writerly capacity,” she shares. “One of the things that was difficult with this book was that we were rolling into the final line edits when everything began and - as the book was set in the summer of 2020 - that wasn’t going to work. So, I had to go through the whole book, do another revision to address COVID-19 and how it impacted the world. There is a subtle thread - a very tiny thread - that I had to weave into the storyline which required a huge amount of skill.” Set for release this March, The Speed of Mercy is described as a “feminist tour de force,” e xploring a variety of subjects, including colonization, religion, P

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