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Derek Seguin

One the country’s finest and funniest comedians, Derek Seguin, visits the Maritimes over the coming week. Recently we spoke with him about his passion for his profession and what audiences can expect to experience.

What are your roots?
Both of my parents have French Canadian, Irish/English blood. Both of my grandmothers spoke English, and both of my grandfathers were French.

When and why did you start performing comedy?
I started in comedy in April of 2004. I had met a comedian at a party and was super intrigued as I had never heard of him. His name is Kevin Gasior and he remains a friend today. I asked him how one went about trying stand-up and he explained the whole open-mic night concept to me and brought me out to one. I watched it a couple of times and then went up. I was immediately hooked and took stand up on as a hobby immediately. After only 16 months, I was offered my first Just for Laughs festival and was convinced I was destined for fame and fortune so proceeded to quit my d…

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