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Born in rural Nova Scotia near the Bay of Fundy, author Christy Ann Conlin grew up listening to the heroic and moving tales of her heritage.

“My father used to read me the poetry of William Butler Yeats, and my mother recited Robbie Burns as we skipped through the fog on the beac,” she recalls. “Both sides of the family told stories of selkies and merrows, creatures from the sea.”

It was the delicate intricacies of these stories, and of poetry - particularly the work of Seamus Heaney – along with the mystical lure of Celtic mythology and stage play that first inspired young Conlin to put pen to paper.
“I love how poetry evokes imagery, and how characters come to life off the page through their dialogue - not just the words but the rhythm and tone of their language and words. Today, I write also for the challenge of trying new forms, of weaving together the traditional with innovation.”
Conlin has enjoyed a strong and successful career within the Atlantic Canadian literary scene and is we…

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