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The Haight

Peter Moreira comes by his gift of storytelling honestly.
“Biologically, I am 25 per cent Portuguese and 75 per cent British,” he shares over fish ‘n’ chips at a downtown Halifax eatery. “But culturally, I am from Nova Scotia. I am also a member of the Presbyterian Church, attended St. Andrew’s College, attended Queen’s University (home of the Gaels) - so there is a heavy, heavy Scottish influence there.”
A seasoned journalist with several books already under his belt, Moreira counts Ernest Hemingway, Michael Connelly, Wallace Stegner and Thomas Wolfe among his literary influences.
“I have learned a thing or two about writing over the years,” he smiles. “I have become more disciplined. I know that what you delete is as important as what you write, and that great writing means leaving out good writing.
“In fiction, using plot to bring out the traits of a great character, and using the actions of your characters to drive a great plot is what makes a great book. There has to be the interpl…

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