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Anna Ruadh

It has been a while year since we last spoke with Emily McEwan-Fujita, the passionate president of Nova Scotia’s Gaelic language publication Braden Press. In that time, she and her team have worked on a myriad of projects, from poetry collections to music books, all with the mission of connecting “readers worldwide with Gaelic language and culture.”One such project - a Gaelic translation of the Canadian classic Anne of Green Gables - has been in the works for over three years.“At the time, I was invited to dinner with Diana Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander series,” McEwan-Fujita shares via email. “She was visiting Nova Scotia to do some research for her next book. Among the local authors and booksellers at the dinner was Lisa Doucet, a manager at a children’s bookstore in Halifax. Lisa also happens to be a serious collector of Anne of Green Gables and other books by L.M. Montgomery. She asked me if there was a Scottish Gaelic translation of Anne. I said there wasn’t, so she sugge…

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