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Colette Thomas

Born in Halifax and raised on Cape Breton Island by her grandparents, Colette Thomas was destined to be storyteller. “I have been telling stories since before I could even write them down,” explains Thomas from her current home on Nova Scotia’s scenic South Shore. “I would make up all these stories and act them out for my grandparents in the living room. My grandfather was a native Gaelic speaker, singer, and storyteller. However, it was my 8th grade English teacher - Mr. Keele - who made me realize that I had a talent for storytelling. I will never forget the comment he wrote on an assignment saying that, with my talent, I really should write a book.” Thomas has spent years working as a filmmaker and TV producer in her home province, and recently added author to her resume with her first novel The Forgotten Son. “I am a born storyteller the same as my grandfather was. I constantly have ideas for stories, or I see something or read about something and an idea for a story comes to

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