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Broken Man on a Halifax Pier

Lesley Choyce’s latest work, Broken Man on a Halifax Pier, is the tale of one man’s shipwrecked life and an unlikely crew of rescuers. Recently we spoke with the prolific Nova Scotian author about the book.

When and why did you want to be a writer? When I was eight, I wrote a story about a groundhog. I was in love with my teacher at the time who was a beautiful young woman who had come in runner-up as an apple-blossom beauty queen. I was only eight, mind you, so I had low expectations that things would develop romantically. Nonetheless, Miss Smith said she loved my story about the groundhog and I knew right away that I should be a writer.
Are they the same reasons you do it today? Well, no. Not really. I would reckon Miss Smith now to be well over ninety and that ship has sailed as they say.
How have your grown as a writer over that time? I’ve moved on from primarily writing about groundhogs and other wild furry animals with poor eyesight.I want to write about everything and anything but e…

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