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Ami McKay & The Power of Story

Atlantic Canadian author Ami McKay has been at the forefront of Atlantic Canada’s literary scene for well over a decade. Her novels - inspiring tales of strong women through history - have empowered readers to own their stories, and to celebrate the subtle moments of magic that life has to offer - “They are there,” she promises, “you just need to look for them.” Recently we spoke with Mckay about her journey into storytelling, the television adaptation of her debut novel The Birth House, and the upcoming release of her genetic memoir, The Daughter of Family G.

What is your heritage? I grew up in Indiana. Both of my parents were born in the United States. My mom is a mix of German and Scottish, which is my Celtic connection. Her father was Scottish, her maiden name was Mackintosh, spelled M-A-C-K - just to make that clear! Although he has passed, my grandfather would never forgive me if I didn’t emphasis that subtle difference. My father’s family were from Germany.
Tell us about your move…

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