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David Adams Richards

Since we last spoke with David Adams Richards (2014), the New Brunswick-based author has been busy on a number of fronts, publishing two new novels and being appointed to the Canadian Senate. Recently, we caught-up with the multi award-winning scribe to discuss the power of politics and penmanship.

Congratulations on the appointment to the Senate. How does it feel? Thank you. It feels good. It feels right - like it is where I should be at this point in my life. Ottawa has been good and kind to me so far, so I have no complaints. At times I do miss the comforts and familiarity of being at home in Fredericton though.
Did you ever think that you would be involved in politics? It wasn’t something that was ever on my formal agenda, no. I have always had an interest of sorts in politics, and I have been involved now and again in a number of matters in Fredericton that might be considered political, but mostly I have watched from the sidelines as a casual observer. So, when the call came from th…

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