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Briana Corr Scott

Last Spring, Briana Corr Scott released her debut literary effort, a children’s book titled She Dreams of Sable Island. Following a young, female protagonist, the story explored the natural beauty of Sable Island, an isle off the southeastern coast of Nova Scotia.

The tome was an instant success thanks to both its poetic prose and alluring artwork. But this wasn’t your typical children’s book; snug behind the story’s final page sat an old-school, impeccably rendered paper doll kit.
Born and bred in Salem, Massachusetts, Corr Scott knew that she wanted to be creative from the age of three.
“That is my oldest memory of it,” she tells Arts East over the phone. “When I was little my mom would fold pieces of paper in half and staple it like a book and I would write in it.”
In addition to authoring a book, Corr Scott has also plied her trade as a professional artist for more than six years.
“I make and sell paper doll kits for children - another thing I loved to do when I was a kid. Making pap…

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