Naked at the Bus Stop! review by Whitney Moran

Presented by Forerunner Playwright’s Theatre
Bus Stop Theatre, July 18th-22nd
Written by Lisa Rose Snow
Directed by Richie Wilcox

To become naked is an act of perpetual revealing. Beginning with the parting of a shower curtain (doubling as a projector), Lisa Rose Snow’s vibrant and intelligent re-working of the 2010 Fringe hit Naked—part of the Queer Acts Theatre Festival running from July 18th-22nd—plunges the audience into an intimate encounter between Vanessa (Lisa Rose Snow), curious agoraphobic tub-dweller and Mary (Stephanie MacDonald), embittered, feisty tub-scrubber as they shed layers of themselves on stage.

Centering on the act of performance and the stripping off of those caustic socio-cultural masks and other tangible tokens of identity that we fashion ourselves with, this hour-long dialogue-driven romp is physically and emotionally cathartic. Fuchsia wigs, layers of crinoline, bland maid’s garb and repressed sexual and emotional urges are stripped bare, leaving the characters exposed, poised for an exploration of that most basic human condition, loneliness. These two incredibly talented actors grope for answers with a chemistry that drips with sexual tension and intrigue as they explore the topics of lesbian panic, insecurity, jealousy, and love to reveal their interchangeable nature as well as the truth that lurks behind the curtain of superficial identity.

Presented in a single act with a minimalist yet aesthetically engrossing set, the claw foot bathtub becomes a feminine space of revelation, engulfing the characters and forcing them to submerge into each other.

Snow’s deviously humorous script paired with Wilcox’s graceful direction offers a darkly witty, self-deprecating take on need that crosses social and sexual boundaries. An astounding tribute to this year’s Atlantic Pride Week theme, “Better Together”, Naked is at once queer and quotidian—artfully and enthusiastically showcasing the human experiences that connect us all.

Queer Acts Theatre Festival
July 18th-22nd, 2011 (Bus Stop Theatre; Neptune)

Check out “Halifax Pride's 2011 QUEER ACTS Theatre Festival” on Facebook or visit for more information.

*Join Queer Acts artists for a panel discussion on Queer identity and theatre this Wednesday, July 20th at 4:30, Bus Stop Theatre

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