CBC Atlantic Shorts Gala

CBC Atlantic Shorts Gala
Atlantic Film Festival (Halifax, NS)
Advanced Screening – September 16, 2011

It is a true testament to filmmakers who can tell a complete, impactful story within a matter of minutes. The CBC Atlantic Shorts Gala showcases such talent in nine, local and Canadian short films, ranging from 3 to 16 minutes in length. The variety of genre, resources and technique reflected from the collection will stretch your mind in many different directions.

Victim is brilliantly shot and told in time warp fashion and provokes utter disbelief; the quality of the piece may surprise viewers that it was produced by NSCC students just beginning of their craft. Oliver Bump’s Birthday Party combines humour, powerful visuals, emotional depth, a beautiful soundtrack and promising acting on the part of young Jason Spevack to tell the story of a boy destined to die on his 13th birthday.

From the gut-busting hilarity of animated Astronoobs to the touching story of a man embracing the qualities of his heart donor in Heart of Rhyme, the Shorts Gala offers something for every sort of taste.

Short films seem to fall through the cracks of popular culture. But a night of motion picture vignettes will allow you to witness the diversity and flair of Canadian filmmakers and prompt you to discuss each piece briefly with your neighbour until the next, anticipated one starts.

Michelle Brunet

CBC Atlantic Shorts Gala: Tuesday, September 20 7:00PM ~ Oxford Theatre

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