Dr. Fuckingstein!

Dr. Fuckingstein Explains (love, desire and the brain)
By Thaddius H. Hatte
The Bus Stop Theatre - September 10, 2011.

You have to hand it to Thaddius Hatte. On his last of six Fringe Fest shows, he literally works up a sweat as he soliloquizes for sixty minutes, switching between obsessed German scientist, nymphomaniac teacher and sexy Rod Stewart voices. Hatte’s main persona throughout the play is Dr. Fuckingstein, who lectures the audience through the sexual circuitry of the brain while expressing his life long dream of finalizing his unified fucking field theory. His charisma, enthusiasm and talent for acting and manoeuvring puppets into erotic positions, including a coat hook garbing a teddy, are indisputable. However, from the audience’s perspective, his monologue is somewhat reminiscent of that crazy uncle at a family reunion who talks erratically, non-stop, whether anyone is listening or not. The great thing about crazy uncles and Hatte is that sometimes listeners tune back in to hear hilarious accounts, like of zebras panicked because the lust part of their brain is being tested or horny rodeo riders trying to lasso their dopamine doggies. Hatte does not need to go back to the drawing board – perhaps humans, instead of puppets, gettin’ it on would keep the audience more engaged. ~ Michelle Brunet

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