Trial & Eros!

LiveArt Dance, Trial & Eros of Montréal presents Four Quartets
Dalhousie Arts Centre, Sir James Dunn Theatre
September 29th-October 1st, 2011.

This season’s bold LiveArt Dance Productions première brilliantly captures the mechanical, apocalyptic and yet gracefully prophetic verse of T.S. Eliot through the art of dance.

A writhing punctuation to Eliot’s words, Montréal’s Trial & Eros delivers a stripped-down performance, the four-part dance vacillating between impassioned corporeal responses to a recording of snippets from Four Quartets, to her own voice theatrically projecting from what we—the intrigued audience—have forgotten is her body.

Like nothing else you will experience in Halifax, Trial & Eros returns the physical element to poetry, offering a flagrantly untamed interpretation of one of the world’s most influential Modernist poets.

Simplistically beautiful moments are contrasted with intense physical ramblings on the bare Dunn stage aided by dreamy lighting and minimal musical accompaniment. Ending with “Little Gidding” our dancer is nearly transparent but for a few rose petals, lying still in silence with nothing but her heavy breathing reverberating off the walls.

Four Quartets left me with a profound silence, and the impression that such a heavy performance is best summed up by the poet-Muse himself, “Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is.” ~ Whitney Moran

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