Top Ten Atlantic Canadian Books of 2011!

1.       Facing the Hunter – David Adams Richards
2.      A World Elsewhere – Wayne Johnston
3.      The Virgin Cure – Ami McKay
4.      Our Way Out - Marq de Villiers
5.      Eco-Innovators – Chris Benjamin
6.      outskirts - Sue Goyette
7.      The Atlantic Coast; A Natural History – Harry Thurston
8.     Chasing Freedom – Gloria Wesley
9.      Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul – David Adams Richards
10.  David Askevold – David Diviney

Honourable Mention; The Antagonist by Lynn Coady, A Possible Madness by Frank Macdonald, Gulf by Leslie Vryenhoek, That Forgetful Shore by Trudy Morgan-Cole, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Steven Laffoley, How Hockey Explains Canada by Jim Prime/Paul Henderson, deluded your sailors by Michelle Butler-Hallett

~ Stephen Patrick Clare

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