The Art of the Circus!

Atlantic Cirque is celebrating its 10th anniversary with 30 professional and amateur circus artists wowing Dunn Theatre audiences from February 23-26. Three Sheet (2011’s Music Nova Scotia's Entertainers of the Year) will also be performing. Arts East spoke with President and Founder Anaïs Guimond, to find out about her school/company and her passion for circus arts.

AE: What was the inspiration behind starting Atlantic Cirque 10 years ago?
AG: I had been a professional acrobat for a few years and after visiting Halifax and discovering that there was a performing arts/buskers festival with no circus component, and no circus school east of Montreal, I thought it would be a perfect place to start a Circus school. 

AE: Describe Atlantic Cirque’s role as a school and performance company.
AG: We provide lessons to children and adults of all ages, birthday parties, corporate entertainment, Summer/Winter/March camps, workshops, private classes, professional programs and entertainment services.

AE: What types of things do you teach?
AG: Aerial silks, trapeze, cerceau, diamond, flying rope, silks, acrobatics, contortion, trampoline, human pyramids, handstand, juggling, unicycle, stilt walking and much more.  

AE: At the 10th anniversary show, what can audience members expect to see (without giving away too many surprises)?
AG: The show features acts like high-flying aerial trapeze, silks, hoop dazzling acrobatics and dance.

AE: What do you have planned for the next 10 years for Atlantic Cirque?
AG: To build and grow the school to its maximum potential. To focus on our pre-professional program, expand into other areas in the East and within Nova Scotia.  

AE: How is circus performance an art?
AG: Traditionally “Art” is used to describe skill and/or mastery, the process of influencing the senses and emotions. We at Atlantic Cirque deliver the mastery and skill of circus arts and affect the senses and emotions with movement.  

AE: How do circus arts play an important role in your life?
AG: Circus arts are my life. I have devoted and dedicated all of my life to mastering and sharing my experiences with the students and staff at Atlantic Cirque.  

Atlantic Cirque Anniversary Circus Show ~ February 23-26, 2012 ~ Dunn Theatre

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