Wild Lines...

Mike O’Neill
Wild Lines

Mike O’Neill’s third solo album sounds like it should be playing as you walk across the Halifax Macdonald Bridge. O’Neill has been living in the city, and Wild Lines has been long awaited. The transitions between songs give you no chance to switch artists, nor would you want to. The upbeat track “This Is Who I Am” starts the journey, where the fragility of O’Neill’s voice is showcased by a strong drum beat in the background. Formally a member of The Inbreds, O’Neill’s talent for song writing followed him to a solo career and is displayed in the track “Overtime”. The simple song breaks up the album, and makes you feel like you’re listening to a friend play guitar in your living room. By the time the last track “One Pair of Shoes” plays, you’ll turn around and walk the bridge another time just to hear the soundtrack again. ~ Meghan O’Neil

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