Head Down Chin Up!

Modern Day Poet
Head Down Chin Up

With the success of Classified, hip-hop has become an established genre in Atlantic Canada. Contributing to this evolving music category is Charlottetown’s Modern Day Poet, aka Dave Richard, with the recent release of his first album. Whether you are a rap supporter or detractor, Head Down Chin Up offers musical merits for everyone to appreciate. Beats from DJ Element and Alleycat combined with melodies (particularly gorgeous from Ali Parker) make for an intriguing, sometimes stunning, accompaniment to MDP’s clear, rhythmic voice. “Give it up” produces an addictive line (Damn you grammar, break out the sledge hammer) and features the quick-fire tones of mentor/collaborator Eric Broadbent overtop Peter Gabriel’s Billboard hit. “Come on Everybody” invites even the most conservative of crowds to imagine they are strutting down a catwalk. What’s most uplifting about Head Down, however, is the constant theme that MDP has finally found his calling, something inspirational to members of our unstable boomerang generation. His philosophy, humour and rhymes suggest that MDP will take rap to a whole new level. ~ Michelle Brunet

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