Canadian Surf Film Festival

Film festival fever continues in Halifax, Nova Scotia with the third annual Canadian Surf Film Festival. It kicks off today in the midst of hurricane season when the province’s swells begin to show their mighty roar.

The four-day festival consists of evening films preceded and followed by parties and events, including surfer’s yoga, a Garrison Brewery tour, a surfing-themed art show and an “ass shaking good time” with the Mellotones. On Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights, attendees have the choice between two films. The Short Film Challenge takes place on Friday. (Last year, musician Matt Mays’ short ‘Surfer Road’ was awarded the top prize among the cross-Canadian submissions).

The festival’s marketing manager, Jessica Flynn says people might be reluctant to come if they’re not surfers, but they shouldn’t be. “What’s most important about our festival is it’s not just about surfing,” Flynn explains. “This year for example, we have films about marine wildlife conservation, anti-nuclear movements [tied to the disaster in Fukushima]; we have a beautiful film that was filmed in Chile... That’s what’s great about the festival. It’s ocean-minded at the centre, and surfing is definitely at the root of it, but it’s just so much more than that. People need to read about the films and then they will say, ‘Oh wow! Okay I will come’. If you’re into adventure we have this crazy one about these guys living in an isolated bay in Norway for nine months…We look for more than just surfing when we choose our films.”

In addition to attracting locals, the festival also draws in audience members from afar. Flynn shares that last year visitors from Australia attended and this year they are expecting people from Ontario, Quebec, New Jersey and the UK.

You can either buy individual tickets for each film ($10 + tax) or buy an All Access pass which grants you admission to all the films and parties ($75 tax included). Buy tickets at the festival’s box office in Park Lane Mall, If Only Surf Shop or online:
~By Michelle Brunet

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