This week, Neptune Theatre in Halifax rings in the spirit of the season with the hilarious and heartwarming tale of holiday hi-jinx, ELF. Recently, AE caught up with Bebe the Elf to get a behind-the-scenes scoop on the production and what it is like to be one of Santa’s little helpers.

How old are you?
I am 33 elf years old.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in the North Pole of course!

When did you start working at Santa's workshop?
We elves begin workshop training at a very young age. It is not long before we work our way up the workshop ladder. I now work at the head toy-making table!

What are the working conditions like?
We all love making toys! It's our favorite! My coworkers are always bright & cheery, and very funny - especially Shawanda. And Buddy makes frequent trips to the cocoa cart for us!

Do you get vacations?
We have lots of time for other activities, especially as one big family. Why, just the other day our boss, Charlie, took us on an iceberg sail across the North Lake to visit Mr. Narwhal, the whale!

Have you ever been away from the North Pole?
All of the elves take turns helping Santa with his deliveries, so we've been around the whole world many times! He always makes time for special stops like sunbathing and a margarita in Acapulco, or a jig and a pint in Dublin.

What is so special about your wardrobe?
We wear the coziest, comfiest, cheeriest clothes ever! And many people are surprised that we don't always stick to the red and green color scheme. Blue and Teal are popular options, Shawanda works a dusty rose, Charlie a rich merlot, and I love my furry chocolate brown!

What do elves like to eat?
All sweets, all of the time. Like candy, cookies, cakes, and our staple; maple syrup!

What is Santa really like?
Santa is the most magical man you will ever meet; kind, warm, generous, jolly and always game for a hand of poker and a nice hot cocoa. This year, his favorite toy is the iPad!

What about Mrs. Claus?
This woman gives the greatest hugs in the world. And speaking of cookies? Mrs. C makes the meanest Snickerdoodle you'll ever taste.

How long have you known Buddy?
I've known Buddy since the day he arrived in Santa's bag. Boy, was that a surprise!

What do you think of him?
Buddy...is....special! He's very...tall. He's not too quick with the toy making and rarely meets his quota, BUT, he's the most enthusiastic elf in the North Pole, and he is a really great singer/songwriter.

Will children like Elf, the production?
Elf the Musical will be loved by children and adults alike; fun, funny, fast paced and a treat for the eyes and ears! You don’t want to miss the story of Buddy the Elf – it will bring a smile to your face, joy to your heart, and new Christmas tunes to hum all the way home! See ya’ at the North Pole!

November 20, 2012 - January 6, 2013
Neptune Theatre, Halifax

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