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Backward Music Volume 1
Forward Music Group

What do you get when you combine a New York ensemble of sensual sounds, a multi-instrumental, musical guru based out of Toronto and an audiovisual master, aka Halifax’s Paper Beat Scissors frontman? The answer is “Backward Music Volume 1” – the first of a series of cutting-edge, instrumental compilations being released by Fredericton/Halifax’s Forward Music Group. It features distinctive compositions and deliveries by Bing & Ruth, Joshua Van Tassel and Tim Crabtree.

If Volume 1 were a meteorological event, it would be an all-inclusive rainstorm, beginning with gently falling beads of water, climaxing into bold thunder claps and receding to leave a shimmering rainbow. And if this album were a CBC radio show, it would certainly be The Signal. In fact, its Radio 2 host, Laurie Brown, has included at least one of the songs in her roster— the energizing “Sneaky Beard” by Van Tassel, which showcases a fusion of musical genres and the artist’s multi-instrumental and rhythmic prowess.

Other highlights from the volume include Crabtree’s “Wish You Were” (a song so captivating that its ambient origins will overtake all space and time) and Bing & Ruth’s “Rails” (a gorgeous twist on more conventional train-simulation songs). Backward Music Volume 1 is sure to take you on an enchanting journey through diverse landscapes spawned from your own imagination or perhaps become the soundtrack of your varied reality.

You can either download the digital album for a price of your choice (don’t be stingy— this album is one-of-a-kind) or order one of the limited edition CD packages, which comes in hand-silkscreened sleeves along with some visual art inserts. ~ Michelle Brunet

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