Taste and See!

Sussex, NB has a new restaurant/cafe called “Taste and See,” and it is worth seeing and tasting. Located at 609 Main Street, the owners Janice and Joanne wanted to bring to Sussex a new menu of simple foods made special with a twist, like their Peanut Butter Burger.  

They wanted a restaurant/cafe where the mood was just as important as the food, and the people would leave feeling better than when they came. With rustic luxury décor, warm lighting and a chalk board where patrons can write inspirational quotes, it is definitely a welcomed new experience for the community.  Attention is in the details and freshness. They strive to season the food to such perfection that salt and pepper is not even on the table but available upon request.

The staff is warm and wonderful, and the food is fabulous and full of flavor.  It is a place where you can see your food being prepared in an atmosphere where the owners want you to see that “the Lord is good and the food is good.” There is even a cow bell at the door that you can ring as you leave if you enjoyed your meal.

Wi-Fi equipped, the restaurant is opened from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the Stable Grounds Café known for its Nova fair trade organic coffee, pastries and gluten free muffins is opened from
7 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day except Sunday, “Keeping it Holy” per the sign on the door.

Everyone needs to come to Taste and See and see and taste for yourself. You will not be disappointed, but you may have to wait in line for I am told the lunch line is out the door. Hope to see you there!

Review by Almira Michele Robinson

Taste and See is now running the Suspended Coffee Program, where customers can buy a coffee for someone having a tough time financially. (The suspended coffee gifts are served between 7-10am).

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