Why Wouldn’t You Go to the Library?

By Jen Powley

It’s free. That’s right, unlimited access to a world of knowledge – and more.

At Halifax Regional Municipality’s public libraries, the first card you get is without a charge. All you need to do is take a piece of mail with your address. If you lose that card, replacements are only $2. You can’t even get a decent cup of coffee for that price. (Others may disagree, stating that Tim’s is a decent cup of coffee. I disagree).

Maybe you have to wait a couple of weeks for the newest fiction release, but there’s enough other material and programs at the library that you wouldn’t ever be bored. They have local material. They have Atlantic artists. They have access to the Internet and more. You can get e-books.

In addition to access to literary material and workshops on writing and artist talks, the library supports the local arts scene. Darlene Beck, Regional Manager of Adult Services with Halifax Public Libraries, beams with pride at the breadth and depth of music offerings at the library. Last year, the library offered programming featuring the following genres:

The Motorleague Sings Heritage Minutes (a riotous sing-along)
Library Players (members of Symphony NS)
Korean Drumming
Jazz East (Doris Mason, Jake Hanlon Trio, John Chiasson... etc.)
Teen Machine - Open Mic Night
Kindermusik (Maritime Conservatory)
Wyndrock Quintet
Flamenco Guitars
Royal NS Tattoo (performances on the library lawn)
Alex Vaughan (singer/songwriter)
Shauntay Grant
African Drumming
The Kilted Choir
Musical Munchkins (Symphony NS)
St Cecilia Concerts (Shimon Walt)
Songs of St Margaret's Bay (performed by Deborah Gabinet - songs featured on her CD Read and Alive-O)

“In addition to performance-based programs, we also feature music appreciation and music history talks by local experts… as well as music "participation" programs such as singalongs, open mic, etc.”, writes Beck.

Why wouldn’t you go to the library? 

Maybe libraries are no longer considered cool. But if you’ve seen the plans for the new library they’re building at the corner of Queen and Spring Garden in Halifax, how could you not think that it’s one of the most interesting buildings you’ve ever seen? When completed, it will look like a stack of books and a world of endless possibility. 

Events Currently On and Coming Up at Halifax Public Librairies:

~ The Gaels of Nova Scotia
~ Naturopathic Medicine Week
~ Atlantic Book Awards Festival
~ Asian Heritage Month
~ Obey Convention
~ Jazz East
~ Asian Heritage Month
~ Concerts, Films, Art Exhibits, Book Clubs/Readings

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