The Experiment ~ Creating a Community of Artists

West Pubnico, Nova Scotia
Marla Niekamp and Alexandra Rodgerson are currently seeking five artists/musicians (all art forms) to live communally in the picturesque Acadian village, Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia.

“My husband and I have supported the emerging arts and artists for years,” says Niekamp, originally from Flin Flon, Manitoba, who has extensive experience producing house concerts and dance performances. I like to facilitate the inspiration or artistic process for someone who has yet to find support from other sources…I imagine the freedom to explore with other artists, combined with experiencing the rich Acadian history and culture here in Pubnico, producing a limitless interpretation of our home, through their eyes, and in any number of ways: dance, music, painting, writing, to name a few.”

Marla Niekamp
Rodgerson, from Yarmouth, NS, is a vocal and breathing teacher and has been singing on stage since she was eight years old. “I love to sing, learn, and give people an opportunity to do the same no matter what type of art,” she says, describing her interest in the Pubnico project. “It will be most exciting to meet new people, and to enjoy the love they have for the arts.”

Niekamp and Rodgerson are looking for residential collaborators that are supportive of others and “willing to embark on a unique experiment”! Housing will be subsidized.

“A home environment will be provided for a number of artists to create, share and experience Pubnico for the winter months,” says Niekamp. “The experiment culminates in a Spring Showcase, introducing their work. In addition, we have recruited talented artists to come to Pubnico, offering workshops to anyone serious about honing their craft.” 

Alexandra Rodgerson
Workshops already scheduled include a  Songwriters Workshop led by acclaimed singer-songwriter Jaylene Johnson in November 2013; and a Storytelling & Writing Workshop led by Cree-Métis poet and storyteller Duncan Mercredi in March 2014.

“We would like to eventually have a place where artists of many kinds and from many places come to beautiful Nova Scotia and attend amazing workshops by some talented artists, learn from them, perform, live with them and enjoy the harbour view in West Pubnico,” shares Rodgerson.

If you are interested in finding out more about Niekamp’s and Rodgerson’s communal creative experiment, you can contact them at: and

For more information on the upcoming workshops, visit:

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