Nocturne at Night

Halifax comes to life this evening, as artists and art lovers gather for an evening of creative ecstasy. Recently we spoke with Nocturne; Art at Night general manager Lorraine Plourde about this year’s event.

When and why did you get involved with Nocturne?
LP: I got involved with Nocturne in February 2012.  I am passionate about festivals and fine art: Nocturne was the right mix of both.

What are your roles and responsibilities there?
Lorraine Plourde

LP: As the Chairperson of an organization without employees, I act as a general manager. We are a board of 11 volunteers working year round to put the festival together.  I am also the spokesperson for the festival.

What are the challenges of the gig?
LP: The challenges are to find time to do this as volunteers and to rely on other dedicated people like me to make it happen. Funding is also a challenge: to find the right partners is not simple, but we have been very fortunate to receive such great support so far.

What are the rewards?
LP: The reward, to me, is the magic that comes alive during the festival.  It's also the great friendships and relationships that come out of working with great people on the Board and in partnering organizations.

What is the event's core mandate?
LP: Our mandate: The Nocturne: Art at Night Society facilitates meaningful art experiences that highlight the arts community in HRM and that engage audiences with contemporary art in the public realm. By supporting and promoting artists, galleries, and arts organizations, we aim to enrich the cultural, social, and economic vitality of our community by transforming art's place in the city. The Society’s primary focus is the production of the annual free arts event, Nocturne: Art at Night, which takes place on a single night in October.

Why is it an important event for the community here?
LP: The event celebrates the creative work done by local artists, highlights the great features of the city, and it puts Halifax on the map of important cultural destinations in the country and the world. It is a time to share and celebrate. It's free and accessible for all.

What can audiences expect this year?
LP: Audiences can expect more than 80 art experiences from Anchor projects, to independent projects, including galleries and community groups. Working with Eleanor King, our first curator, will create a more cohesive and dense event. Look out for time and space when walking around. We expanded the programming in Dartmouth. 
We kept programming on the ferry - great shows for the price of a transit ticket :)
There is a free Metro Transit Shuttle going around the site.  It is wheelchair accessible.

What does the future look like for Nocturne?
LP: The future for Nocturne is looking good. We are looking to continue to build upon community support, creating new engagement opportunities and celebrating the arts.

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