“I’ve Got the Blues” by Ann Troop

Moncton-based photographer AnnTroop has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Allison University. During her studies, she loved being surrounded by artists.  She was especially inspired by the works of Thaddeus Holownia.  These photographs are from her “I’ve Got the Blues” series with the majority of them having been shot in Asia and edited for effect.  Ann credits her Gemini personality with her tendency to see the world in black and white and she is currently trying to see the nuances in color as in life.

Editor’s Note: This week Ann Troop has been featured by various news media, including CBC News and Moncton’s TIMES & TRANSCRIPT, about her vertical banded gastroplasty procedure, losing 200 pounds and her ongoing battle to have skin removal surgery. Her bravery for sharing her story while raising awareness is profoundly applauded. ~ MB

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