Danny Bilsborough

Danny Bilsborough, NSCC alumna and owner of Danny B Studios, has spent most of her days consulting various clients on software options for their new business endeavours. 

Although she’s been involved with assessing some really exciting projects, nothing makes her happier than grabbing her brush and splashing colour on a canvas. That’s why she’s decided to take the plunge into becoming a full-time artist.

“I was always so scared to try using colour, but when my daughter was born and the opportunity came to incorporate these new palettes into her life, they quickly found their way into mine,” she says.

Colour brings light to many things and gives people a sense of enjoyment. Markus Maier explained in his academic journal titled Color Psychology that colour carries great meaning and can have an important impact on people's affect, cognition and behaviour.

Bilsborough’s favourite pieces to create are those of nature and animals – a quick look at her online Etsy page confirms this. She believes her paintings “Are a great way to reconnect people with animals, since they’re so overlooked.” Her art is helping people build brighter connections to their pets, but it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies for her.

“Growing up, I was a troubled teen,” she shares. “I did a lot of drawing and my art was very dark.” Fast-forward to today and her ability to step outside her comfort zone has pushed her to be more successful than she’s ever imagined. She went from creating melancholic drawings, to face painting at children’s parties and other various events. Now – she creates jubilant canvas art.

“It was a surprising and exciting transition,” she continues. “I didn’t expect that I would love it so much.” Danny’s knack for colourful creations has greatly contributed to her success, but she’s not content with status quo – she still has plans for the future. “I’ve always wanted to work with animals. I’ve even developed a business plan to open a shelter someday,” she says.

Bilsborough does her best to keep up with the steady demand for her art. “I’ve been slammed with requests all year, but this season, it’s really started to pick up.”

When she’s not painting, she can be found doing her rounds of donation deliveries to local animal shelters. She created a fundraising campaign called Pawsitive Prints where portions of proceeds are donated to shelters. Danny has even painted some of the animals while they were waiting for their homes.

“Having our animals painted really brings out their individuality,” says Gisele Gomes, employee at Homeward Bound, a Dartmouth animal shelter. “They’re not just a homeless animal, they’re a smile and a personality and Danny does an amazing job of portraying this so people can appreciate them for who they are.”

Custom paintings or Pawsitive Prints are available through Etsy and on Bilsborough’s website. ~ By Sarah Wilson


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