Derek Seguin

One the country’s finest and funniest comedians, Derek Seguin, visits the Maritimes over the coming week. Recently we spoke with him about his passion for his profession and what audiences can expect to experience.

What are your roots?
Both of my parents have French Canadian, Irish/English blood. Both of my grandmothers spoke English, and both of my grandfathers were French.

When and why did you start performing comedy?
I started in comedy in April of 2004. I had met a comedian at a party and was super intrigued as I had never heard of him. His name is Kevin Gasior and he remains a friend today. I asked him how one went about trying stand-up and he explained the whole open-mic night concept to me and brought me out to one. I watched it a couple of times and then went up. I was immediately hooked and took stand up on as a hobby immediately. After only 16 months, I was offered my first Just for Laughs festival and was convinced I was destined for fame and fortune so proceeded to quit my day job. Immediately following JFL, I fell back into the unknown universe making $25 per set so had to take on some contracting work in advertising/marketing to make ends meet for the next 3-4 years. I did my last non show-business contract on April 12th, 2008.

Are they the same reasons you do it today?
I am still very hooked. I love doing stand-up. I feel my happiest when I am on stage. And now, I am fortunate enough that people are starting to know me and are coming out to see me and my shows rather than just a night of comedy at whatever club. That feels great and really empowers me to have an act that is from my unique perspective and that reflects my humor.

How have you evolved as an comedian over that time?
I think it took me a few years to develop my real voice – my delivery system and angle on various subjects. And because I do love it so much, I got on stage very often; as often as I could doing opening spots, emceeing, you name it. And most comics will agree that the best way to get better is being on stage as much as possible.

What are the challenges of the vocation?
Some challenges include the uncertainty of your next paycheck and the travel that takes me away from my family quite regularly but I think those are similar for most entrepreneurs.

What are the rewards?
I feel so lucky to do what I do and support my family with it. The reward is literally just being a comedian. I think I have the best job there is.

Is your creative/comedic process more 'inspirational' or 'perspirational'?
I don't even know if you can call my process a process. It sounds flaky but I literally write all my material onstage. I go up with a new anecdote or experience and hash it out with an audience. Much like when you tell a story to one person. - you try to embellish it to keep them interested, right? Well I embellish the shit out of it and even make some stuff up to keep it funny/interesting. Throw in a bunch of inappropriate comments and some twisted points of view and voila; a new Derek Seguin chunk is born. LOL,,,

What makes a good joke?
It has to be funny. Thats it.

What can audiences in Atlantic Canada expect at the show?
I so love playing in the Maritimes so people can expect to see that enthusiasm. As always, I'll be talking about my life so my children, my girlfriend, my travels my day to day experiences...above all, I hope they can expect to simply have a great night out having some carefree and boisterous laughs. And it's valentine's day weekend so I hope they can also expect to get laid... but that's on them and their significant others... I mean even if I tried to please everyone in that way, I'm only human…

What are your thoughts on the state of comedy today?
Too PC sometimes, but I think that comedy in Canada is healthy and full of extraordinary talent.

What's next on your comedic agenda?
I just hope to continue making a decent living doing this thing I love so much. I suppose I used to aspire to bigger things and more fame or whatever. Like having my own sitcom or something. But now, I have much more modest aspirations. Maintain the current course of getting to travel this amazing country and being a part of Canadians' good times. Making people happy/laugh and getting paid for it is pretty darned near
a perfect existence so I'm super content to just maintain that privilege.

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