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Donna Morrissey's Pluck

Halifax author Donna Morrissey travels back in time with her newly released memoir Pluck. Recently we spoke with her about her past, present, and future. What are your roots? My roots are in a small outport on the northwest coast of Nfld. Place called Beaches.  About 15 houses and with a dead-end road.   Why and when did you start writing? I was in my early forties when I started writing. It was something I started at a friend’s prompting, and it took flight with each and every word I wrote. I wrote for no particular reason except the glory of linking words together and creating images and telling stories from my past. It is the same today, 25 years later - I write for the pleasure of creating stories.   How have you evolved as a writer over that time? It is difficult to judge how one has grown as a writer over the years. I know that I have – it is sometimes painful to read my earlier stuff. On one hand I can’t believe those stories came out of me, I would never be able to recreate it.

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