“Acoustic Junkie”

Campbellton, New Brunswick’s Melissa Girvan will be showcasing her unique style and sound this weekend in Moncton as part of the East Coast Music Awards. Recently AE spoke with the young singer/songwriter about her passion and profession.

What inspired you to start writing songs?
I've always had an interest in writing poetry and singing, well, that was a passion... I wasn't very good at it growing up, but I loved the way it made me feel. When I finally learned how to play guitar, I had my outlet and that's it. I couldn't stop. And with anything else, you put the time in it and practice, you get better. People started to show a real interest and it drove me to keep at it. Thanks People :)

Are they the same reasons that you still do it today?
Definitely...When I am in my "mode" I like to call it "My Self-Therapeutic" session. If it wasn't for music, I think I would be all sorts of screwed up

Who were/are your musical influences?
I remember when I was 14 years old and I was listening to the clueless soundtrack. There was a song on there by Counting Crows - "The Ghost in You". Just guitar and his vocals and since then, I've become an "Acoustic Junkie." I guess that kind of inspired me to write music too...I love the rawness behind it.

What makes a good song?
Well, to each their own right? But for me, a good song would be one that I can't stop listening to. It’s not so much the lyrics, but when the artist is singing and you can feel what the song it about, that’s when I know this will be on my playlist for a loooong time. 

Is the creative process more inspirational or perspirational for you?
More inspirational for sure! Like I said, it's my self therapy; writing a new song, new music, new feelings, etc – all makes me want to’ write more and more.

What are the challenges of the profession?
Time, feeling inspired, audience approval in some ways ( you always want them to be happy and enjoying the show) and energy. I’m a single mama with 3 kids (Krilen, Bree, and Reedie). I have tons of support from my friends and family, but in the end, my time and energy are still sacrificed. I have to push a little extra to be able to make and play music, but I wouldn't change anything for the world. They inspire me to keep going and are so proud of me. That right there is enough.

What are the rewards?
Being able to be a part of really great shows like the ECMA's, coming on road trips and having a hotel room, a bed to myself (yay), people enjoying my music and inspiring them to write for themselves. But the biggest reward is the interest and support from my family. They always have my back and always ready to step up and help me. To my mom and Dad, my kids, my cousins and my friends, THANK YOU for helping me be a part of this, I honestly could have never gotten here with out you.
How does it feel to be involved with the ECMAs this year?
Awesome, it's so great to be a part of The First Nations Showcase. I'm meeting new people, seeing some familiar faces and listening to great music! Who could complain??!!

What are your thoughts on the Atlantic Canadian music scene?
WE ARE UP AND COMING!!! SO-SO-SO many talented artist here in the Maritimes that are undiscovered and just doing it because they're heart is in it. I think we need more outlets to show the world that this little part of Canada is a lot broader and talented than assumed. 

What’s next on your own creative agenda?
Not sure, I like to take it day by day. Writing/playing music is a part of my life, and I think, no matter what, it will always be that way. So I'll take it where it brings me and enjoy it as it comes.

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