Peru Through the Lens

Family photographs are being proudly displayed in the community of Ccaccaccollo, Peru, nine months after Halifax photographer, Shari Tucker led a group of photo enthusiasts on an unforgettable adventure where they put their talents to use to give families their first-ever photographs to cherish.

Peruvian families in the community of Ccaccaccollo received their long-awaited family photographs last week. They were hand delivered by a local representative of the Planeterra Foundation, the not-for-profit organization that helps support the important Women’s Weaving cooperative in the community.

“The thought of parents not having documented memories of their children at a young age, or photos with their loved ones at all, tugged at my heart strings. And I knew that it was something so simple that I could easily give back, with the help of some willing volunteers.” explained Ms. Tucker

Nine months prior, Halifax photographer, Shari Tucker, led a group of 10 photo enthusiasts on a 12-day photo tour of Peru. They stayed in the small Andean village of Ccaccaccollo, high up in the mountains for three nights being fully immersed in the culture.

On their second day in the community, with the help of the locals and Planeterra, they spread out through the community, up and down the mountainside, and photographed over 75 families.

Ms. Tucker wanted to encourage the photographers to learn new skills and step outside of their comfort zone by taking family photos, while giving families in the community of Ccaccaccollo a gift to be remembered for a lifetime.

“I had been looking forward to the family photo project for nearly a year by the time we actually set foot in the village located high up in the Andes Mountains. When we arrived at the community we were greeted with flowers, hugs and warm words, spoken in the native language of Quechua and translated to English by our guide. Immediately we were welcomed as family into their homes and I knew we were in the right place to give back.”

Ms. Tucker is well known in the Halifax area for her support of cancer survivors with the publication of her book Young & Fearless – Inspiration of Cancer Survivors in June 2010.


She supports many local charities, but decided she wanted to make a difference internationally with the Peru Through the Lens photo tour.

“I have visited over 10 countries in the past six years and look at travel not as a luxury, but as an education. It is not just the opportunity for me to go away and relax, but an opportunity for me to learn about our world and to give back to others, make a difference in their lives as well as in mine. This time, I was accompanied by 10 other photographers, also willing to share their time and talents to make a difference for these hard working villagers.”

Upon return to Canada, Tucker organized an art show of images from the 10 participants that were sold to raise funds for the Planeterra Foundation, directly supporting the Women’s Weaving project of Ccaccaccollo. A total of $970 was raised and donated to the foundation.

This week, back in Canada, the 10 participants of Peru Through the Lens were moved to receive photos showing some of the families in the community with their photographs.


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