Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii!

Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii!
Review by Laura Valvasori-Black

Stars: Jane Messervier, Wayne Fairchild, Aloma Jardine, Lawren Campbell, Liam McNamara, Amber Fairchild, and Candy Lutes.

Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii, presented by Hairy Tease Productions, follows Vivien Bliss (Jane Messervier), a dreamy and sexually-frustrated novelist, who is caught in a torrid affair with Edgar (Wayne Fairchild), a married geography teacher. It starts out as a steamy weekend tryst, but is soon interrupted by Edgar’s wife, Doris (Aloma Jardine)—a busy advice columnist playing hooky from a conference— and a host of other colourful characters. This sets the stage for a memorable mess of mistaken identities that will have the audience rollicking with laughter. The play, which boasts an enviable lineup of seasoned local talent, also marks the stage debut for rising stars Amber Fairchild and Candy Lutes. Just like Vivien’s titular novel, director Mike Granville’s adaptation of the Canadian classic is a raunchy and spirited tour-de-farce that leaves you wanting more!

All performances of Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii take place at the Théâtre l'Escaouette (170 Botsford St.) from Thurs. Mar.21-Sunday, Mar.24; tickets are available at the theatre (call 506-855-0001 for more information), at Jean Coutu (1789 Mtn Rd) and Read’s Newsstand in Riverview.

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