David Myles’ “In the Nighttime”

David Myles transports listeners to a sultry French quarter, a beach party in the Caribbean and everywhere in between with his soon-to-be released “In the Nighttime”. 

The double album refreshingly confirms that Myles cannot be defined by a single genre, as his unwavering vocals traverse from 1950s do-wop to modern day hip hop, from enchanting folk ballads to crooner jazz, with even some calypso-esque flavours! The only element missing is Myles’ sometimes characteristic bootstrap creations—the comforting acoustic sounds inside a kitchen or living room—but perhaps this speaks to his constant evolution as a musician.

The first full-length Disc, produced by Aaron Davis, takes listeners on a romantic journey, beginning with admiration from afar, falling madly in love, the complexities of commitment, dealing with heartache and more. Combinations between Myles’ heart warming voice and the powerful vocal harmonies and instrumental accompaniments (bass, guitar, dobro, mandolin, piano) create a holistic soundtrack listeners will repeatedly crave, either as background music or in the foreground for self-contemplation.

Disc Two, produced by Classified and dubbed the “After Party”, continues to divulge the varied range of Myles’ musicality.  Each of the disc’s songs is completely different from the other and yet each creates an upbeat, dance-around-the-house vibe. The final track, “Peace of Mind” featuring Classified, oozes with haunting tones from Myles and the results are a creative cornucopia of collaborative magic.

Listeners will never tire from playing “In the Nighttime,” identifying with a particular track for practically every sort of occasion. ~ AE

“In the Nighttime” will be released on May 14th. David Myles will kick off the launch with a concert tomorrow (May 9th) at the Rebecca Cohn, Halifax.

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