Rose Cousins!

Photo by Shervin Iainez

The soulful, passionate, hilarious Rose Cousins released her most recent album We Have Made a Spark last year. The album has been celebrated since first being unleashed to the world, and the short film (If I Should Fall Behind), that beautifully illustrates how the record came to fruition, allows listeners to become even more connected to the collection. This year Cousins was formerly honoured with a Juno for Solo Roots and Traditional Album of the Year and three ECMA wins (Songwriter of the Year, Folk Recording of the Year and Solo Recording of the Year). A few weeks after her time at the Junos in Regina, Arts East was so pleased to be able to probe Cousins’ brain via e-mail. 

AE: Your reaction on social media to winning the Juno (“Holy Shit!”) was classic! Were you truly surprised to win?
RC: I guess maybe I figured I had as good a chance as the others in the category but it was CRAZY when Jian called my name. I guess you just can't really predict something like that. It was truly amazing to be present in that room.

AE: In addition to winning the Juno, you won three ECMAs! Your album is so beautiful and well received...Did you put more of yourself into this album do you think?
RC: I think I relinquished to the music and to the friends/musicians I made it with. For me it was very much about capturing what we do when we play together. I trust them implicitly and I think that made the difference. Everyone did their thing and the sum of us was something more moving and emotional than can be captured track by track. I like to believe that's why the record resonates with people. The songs are truly performances.

AE: When you performed last year in Halifax, it was really exciting to see all the people you brought on stage with you. Is collaboration an essential part of music making for you?
RC: Collaboration elevates the experience for me. It adds an element of unpredictable magic. You never know what might happen and some of the best moments are unrehearsed and spontaneous. I also believe in highlighting other people who might be opening or playing with me. I like to feel included and like to make people feel included. I think it's a great experience for the audience to see the music being shared. It's also just friggen fun!

AE: Where are you from originally and is Boston your home base these days?
RC: I'm from the North Shore of PEI and I live in Halifax although I'm mostly on the road. Boston is a second home to me for sure.

AE: How was it dealing with the Boston marathon tragedy?
RC: It felt like an attack on home. Very unnerving…as upsetting as if it happened in NS or PEI...

AE: Was it fun co-hosting the ECMAs?
RC: Absolutely. I love David [Myles] and we had such a great time putting the show together. Was a great opportunity!

AE: What's next for you?
RC: I'll be writing in June and then playing festivals and shows this summer and heading across Canada again in the fall as well as into the US. I'll end the year in Australia.

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