Top 10 Romantic East Coast Songs

For your Valentine’s listening pleasure we present you with 10 top tracks, in no particular order, from some very talented Atlantic Canadian musicians. Some are romantic as in “Wow I’m falling for you,” while others are like “Baby I miss you, please don’t go.” Some may not be normally classified as romantic at all, but their melodies could potentially inspire passionate scenes.

“Beothuk Words” – Steve Bowers (featuring Christina Martin)

“Fare Thee Well Love” – The Rankins

“If I Should Fall Behind” – Rose Cousins (featuring Mark Erelli)

“Sucker” – Mo Kenney

“Wish You Were” - Tim Crabtree

“Sing to Me” – Dylan Guthro & Breagh Mackinnon

“Midnight” – Matthew Hornell (featuring Christina Dicks)

“Never Felt A Thing” – Molly Thomason & Carleton Stone

“Don’t Make Me Walk Away” – The Stanfields

“The Call” – Gene MacLellan

What’s your favourite romantic East Coast song?

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