The Stillborn Lover

Until May 10, the Theatre Arts Guild in Halifax presents The Stillborn Lover, Timothy Findley’s dramatic exploration of political power, sexuality, personal conflict, and emotional turmoil. Recently, AE spoke with actor Stuart Hiseler about the production.

How did you get involved with this production?
Gisela O’Brien, the director, had asked me quite some time ago to read a script she was thinking of directing. In the past, Gisela has given me the opportunity to work on wonderful roles and I know her to have a clear, insightful and personal connection to the pieces she directs. I was very happy that my schedule was open and that I had the opportunity to audition and ultimately work on The Stillborn Lover with Gisela and the wonderful cast and crew she assembled.

Tell us about your character.
Harry Raymond is a foreign Ambassador for Canada. At the top of the play he had been recalled from his last posting in Moscow for reasons that are unclear. Harry personifies a diplomat, putting his duty and work ahead of his personal satisfaction. We (and Harry) discover the price, to himself and those around him as his carefully constructed world unravels.

What are the challenges of the role?
It’s an emotional journey. At the top of the first act it feels like quite a mountain to climb.

What do you like about the role?
I like the complexity of the man. He is multidimensional and has figured out how to survive in a world that would not accept him. The intricate relationship between Harry and his wife Marion has been great to explore with Angela Butler. And, of course, I love Timothy Findley’s lovely and economical use of language.

What can audiences expect during the run?
A great evening of mystery and murder twisted up with love and loyalty.

What's next on your own creative agenda?
I have a few projects that are just in developmental stages. I’ve been jumping from one thing to the next so I’m looking forward to taking a little break and enjoying the spring…..when it arrives.

The Stillborn Lover
April 24 – May 10
The Pond Playhouse, Halifax

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