CONTEST: Snap a Photo of Public Art

Tunnel along the Bedford Sackville Connector Trail
Mural created by children from Sackville Community Recreational Youth Leadership, 
facilitated by artist Holly Carr

Until June 14th, 2014, we’re holding a contest encouraging Atlantic Canadians (and anyone who is keen) to take a photo of public art they find in their hometown. Besides the incentive of it being a contest, it will be really neat to create a geographic spread of public art images from across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland and beyond.

What is Public Art? This is open to interpretation. It could be an art form from various disciplines (i.e. visual, performance, multimedia, etc) presented in a public space. It could also be less conventional, from a striking graffiti tag to something you interpret as art that others may not.

How to Enter? E-mail us the photo of your public art find at artseastonline[at] with “Public art contest” in the subject line.
Include your:
·         Name (so we can credit you for the photo and for contest purposes)
·         The location (street, block, or space and city/town)
·         The artist (if indicated/known)

By sending us the images, you are allowing us to post them on our social media feeds as well as on our website. We plan on posting a spread of all the images at the end of the contest.

We are/will be continuously mapping them here:

“Fountain” and “Got Drunk, Fell Down” 
by Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg
Halifax Waterfront
Prizes? We will randomly select a winner from each province (NS, NB, PEI, and NF) to award a small prize. Prizes are TBD, but they’ll be arts/culture related and fun! And you have to admit, it will be kind of neat to create a “collage” of public art from across Atlantic Canada, so everybody wins! J

Spread the word, and let the PUBLIC ART SCAVENGER HUNT begin!

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