Work in Progress by Sarah Saunders in Charlottetown

Starting today (May 31) until July 19, the small town market gallery at the Charlottetown Farmers Market is hosting “Work in Progress,” an exhibit that will evolve over the weeks it is showing, by sculptural and textile artist, Sarah Saunders. The public is invited next Saturday (June 7) to an artist talk and opening reception from 2:30-4pm.

Originally from Charlottetown, Saunders now lives in Argyle Shore, PEI. Her work has been showcased across the country and internationally. Her website’s gallery showcases an intriguing array of installations and pieces—works that are quite unlike any others you may have seen—including the ingeniously designed body parts as part of her Corpus series.

Arts East caught up with Saunders to learn a little bit more about her creative process and her exhibit which starts in Charlottetown today!

How would you describe your art forms and creative process?
SS: I use the language of domestic objects and skills in sculptural work that incorporates ceramic and textile techniques, found objects, imagery, and installation. Much of my work is concerned with processes and themes of transformation and regeneration, particularly in relationship to domestic objects and the traces we leave in our surroundings.

When did you first get in touch with your creative side?
SS: I always drew, painted and made things as a child. My mother was very creative and encouraged it in all of us.

By Sarah Saunders

What have been some highlights throughout your artistic career?
SS: Probably, my first solo show at Confederation Centre. Having spent so much time there while growing up, it's very satisfying to show there as an artist…Also being commissioned by the Isle of Skye to create a piece for their collection commemorating the emigration to PEI of the Selkirk settlers, some of whom were my own ancestors.

Tell us about some of the works to be displayed at the small town market gallery.
SS: This exhibit will show work in progress that explores the material salt and the natural processes associated with it. The work involves combining processes like growth, degradation etc. with found objects. For example, I work with the process of crystallization by introducing various objects to a supersaturated salt solution. Crystals form and continue to grow on these objects in a natural process that hovers between an effect of covering and obliterating. The brittle crystals form a skin or casing integrally connected to the object. The result being a sort of hybrid; something caught visually between the natural and cultivated worlds. The exhibit at the Market will showcase crystallization in progress and allow viewers to observe this process over the duration of the exhibit.

Work in Progress by Sarah Saunders
May 31-July 19, 2014
this town is small gallery (Charlottetown Farmers Market)
Opening reception/artist talk: 2:30-4pm, June 7, 2014

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