Gallery of Public Art Pics & Contest Results!

It’s been so inspiring to receive the numerous pictures of public art photos from communities across Atlantic Canada.

We’ve posted all the submissions here for your viewing pleasure. We’ve randomly selected a winner representing a submission from each Atlantic Canadian province. (Scroll down to find out if you’ve won!)

Special thanks to those who have provided us with goodies for this contest! Prizes have been generously donated by the following fine businesses:

Nimbus Publishing
“Nimbus Publishing is the largest English-language publisher east of Toronto.
Nimbus produces more than thirty new titles a year on a range of subjects relevant to the Atlantic Provinces— children’s picture books and fiction, literary non-fiction, social and cultural history, nature photography, current events, biography, sports, and cultural issues. Nimbus publishes the best books on Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.”

Creative Book Publishing
Creative Book Publishing seeks to advance Newfoundland and Labrador's publishing sector by producing works of literary and cultural excellence, and by actively promoting its authors and their books in national and international markets. Located in St. John's, Newfoundland, Creative Book Publishing produces Canadian-authored tradebooks. On average, it publishes 10-14 new titles per year and reprints 8-12 books annually… Under its KillickPress imprint, the company pursues exceptional literary material which assists it in fulfilling its cultural mandate. Its literary genres include poetry, fiction, drama, creative non-fiction, belles, lettres, essays, feminist literature and fine art production.”

Island Studies Press

“Island Studies Press is the publishing arm of the Institute of Island Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island. As such it produces scholarly books for a popular audience. All its books undergo a peer-review process before being selected for publication. A special component is the Island Studies Series of short monographs dealing with aspects of culture and environment of Prince Edward Island. Island Studies Press also produces research reports for the Institute of Island Studies, which focuses on the culture, environment and economy of small islands.”

Flanker Press
“Flanker Press is a bright spark in the Newfoundland and Labrador publishing scene. As the province’s most active publisher of trade books, the company now averages twenty new titles per year, with a heavy emphasis on regional non-fiction and historical fiction. The mission of Flanker Press is to provide a quality publishing service to the local and regional writing community and to actively promote its authors and their books in Canada and abroad.”

Forward Music Group

“Amongst the forests of the Saint John River valley rose a music community of musicians and friends in the province of New Brunswick. Forward Music Group began as a label with a small collection of bands in 2007 and quickly had released 12 albums within its first two years. Now with 46 releases, the award-winning company has entered the international scene and helped put Atlantic Canada on the map as a vibrant source of music.”

New Brunswick – Public Art Pics

Photos snapped by Ann Troop
Photos taken at Moncton Skate Park, Assumption Blvd, 
Moncton, NB.

Photo snapped by Michael McDonald

This Wheatpaste original Streetart (pencil drawing) is by 14 year old Connor McDonald. It is located in an alley between Germain and Caterbury street in Saint John.

This photo was taken the next day after the pasteup dried.
Artist Connor McDonald (left).

Photo snapped by Bridget Yard
"Memoria Address" by artist Stephen Cruise. Located near the entrance of the Fredericton Convention Centre on Queen Street, Fredericton, NB.

Photos snapped by Lesandra Dodson (Charlotte Street Arts Centre)
Artworks on display in the Charlotte Street Arts Centre’s back yard Culture Garden (Fredericton)! 

“The carved wooden totem pole is by celebrated New Brunswick aboriginal artist, Ned Bear. He carved it from an old heritage beam that was removed from the Charlotte Street Arts Centre when we put in our elevator.”

“The graffiti on the building covers the entire back wall and east side wall. It was done by local graffiti artists including Jason Willcox.

Photo snapped by Serge Martin
Artist : Shane Myers.
Location: 465 Main St (Artisan Village), Moncton.

From Tin Fish
Artist Alanna Baird: “Here is one of my public art pieces, Spike, a sea raven, located at Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium in St. Andrews, NB. Made from recycled copper roofing.”

Newfoundland – Public Art Pics

Photo snapped by Matt Roberts.
Located in downtown St. John's, Newfoundland. Artist unknown.

Photos snapped by Sara Spike

“Hand-crafted Puffin Site sign. Elliston, Newfoundland. I love this sign and its cheery puffin, pointing the way to some of the most unassuming, up-close puffins in Newfoundland. Elliston is also the root cellar capital of the world!” ~ Sara Spike.

“Interpretive panels in Tilting, Fogo Island, Newfoundland. A series of panels describe the heritage district of Tilting, including text, images, and illustrations from architect Robert Mellin's book Tilting: House Launching, Potato Trenching, and Other Tales from a Newfoundland Fishing Village (Princeton Architectural Press).” ~ Sara Spike.

Photos snapped by James Smith
Wall murals depicting historical scenes of life in St John's located on Battery Road.

The photos are part of James Smith’s trip report Terranova Transatlantic: AC A319 To St John's”

Nova Scotia – Public Art Pics

Photos snapped by Tara Grude

“This mural is found in the Bayers Westwood Community, on McAlpine Avenue in Halifax. It was created by the Art Bikers (a community outreach program,  run through the 4Cs Foundation in Halifax - a group of artists that travel HRM by bike and deliver free art programming in public spaces) and the Bayers Westwood Community. It is painted concrete, and plastic bottle caps screwed onto plywood figures (the figures are tracings of actual community members).”

Photo snapped by Acorn Art and Photography
“Fountain” and “Got Drunk, Fell Down” by Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg, located on the Halifax Waterfront.

Photo snapped by Deborah Susan Green
Located at the crossroads of St. Margaret’s Bay Road and the Peggy’s Cove Road (highway 333, Tantallon). Mural created by a whole community effort including artist Andrea Redmond, organizer Fiona Ferguson, local students and businesses, Awesome Halifax...

Nominated by Chara Kingston
Mural by Saddo and OTHER (aka Troy Lovegates), artists who have painted striking murals all over the world. Located on the side of the Halifax Backpackers Hostel (2193 Gottingen Street). Photo by Parentheses Gallery.

Dartmouth Cove, along the waterfront trail and in and around the warehouses, you'll find a treasure trove of 'public art'--some officially commissioned, some not. You can spend an enjoyably lengthy time--a scavenger hunt-- trying to find each artistic mark. 

Photo snapped by Sadie Jane
“I found this stunning piece of art on the way to Peggy's Cove (on Peggy's Cove Road in Glen Margaret, NS). I was fortunate to meet the artist who happened to be walking by at the time I took the photo. Artist is Ivan Fraser.”

Photo snapped by Stephen Archibald
The back of an ice cream stand in Sheet Harbour (August 2013).
Name of artist unknown.

Photo snapped by Ivan Fraser
"Scott Hubley of Tantallon NS is the chain saw artist who was commissioned by Roger Crooks of Peggy's Cove to sculpt a life-size image of his father, Clyde Crooks. It stands near the door of The Buoy Shop in Peggy's Cove."

Photos snapped by Angela J. Reynolds (Head of Youth Services Annapolis Valley Regional Library)

“This is a temporary art installation in Bridgetown, NS at the library on Queen Street. The flags were created by girls at a library program and are hanging outside on the railings next to the building.”

“This is in Bridgetown, NS, behind the Pharmasave on Queen street. It was a project lead by the youth ambassador,  Shea Goreham.”

“This is an art installation at the Firefly Makery on Queen Street in Bridgetown, NS - made by Girl Power!”

Photo snapped by Sydney Lancaster
Artist Sydney Lancaster created this work “Fault/Line” at Cheverie NS,  on August 31, 2013 (lasted approximately 48 hours).

Photo snapped by Audrey Naugle
Chickenburger in Bedford

Photos snapped by Sara Spike

Barry Colpitts' house. East Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia. Colpitts is a celebrated folk artist and his colourful house is always a welcome sight emerging from the fog along the #7 highway on the Eastern Shore.” ~ Sara Spike

Maud Lewis Memorial. Marshalltown, Nova Scotia. Lewis's painted house is on permanent display at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax and this memorial sits on its original site. Designed by Brian MacKay-Lyons and built by Cherubini Metalworks.” ~ Sara Spike.

William E. deGarthe, "Fisherman's Monument. Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. Carved into a 30 metre-long granite outcropping behind deGarthe's house in the1950s.” ~ Sara Spike.

“Traditional fishing dory on display outside Adams & Knickle premises. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.” ~ Sara Spike.

“Sand sculptures (artists unknown) at the annual Clam Harbour Beach Sand Castle Competition, August 2013.” ~ Sara Spike.

Photo snapped by Ben Burnett 
 “Hey guys! Here is a photo of my favourite (unintentional?) piece of street art on Maynard Street (last block before Cogswell in Halifax: Street Elvis. Most recently seen with a speech bubble advising you ‘Don't Dwell On It’.” ~ Ben Burnett

Photos snapped by 4Cs Foundation Art Bikers

Creators of the mural: The community of Bayers Westwood with the 4Cs Foundation Art Bikers. Located at McAlpine Ave., Halifax, NS.

Yarn bombing by the 4Cs Foundation Art Bikers at the Halifax Commons.

Photo snapped by Heather Wilkinson.

The Trashinator at St. Joseph's - A. McKay School Halifax, NS.
Created by the students of St. Joseph's - A. McKay School, and Heather Wilkinson, Jyell Vogel and Jessica Winton plus community volunteers.

Photo snapped by Donna Muller
Located at Donna Muller’s Gallery; 4310 Prospect Rd; Bayside NS
Artist/photographer Donna Muller shares, “I took the picture, one of many paintings in my yard, but I think my lighthouse in the background is also a greater piece of artwork.”

Photos snapped by Sandra Phinney
Sandra Phinney is the author of Maud Lewis and the Maudifield House Project-The Story Starts Here, a photo documentary detailing a special project by Friends of AGNS in Yarmouth.

Phinney shares, This is really an extraordinary project. These houses are on site until Sept 14th when they will be auctioned off to raise funds for children's programming and events at the AGNS (Western Branch) here in Yarmouth. The project represents over 1000 hours of volunteer time in the community.”
Artist: Dave Gorman
Painted Children's Playhouse, part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS. 
Located at Ocean Breeze Estates, corner Haley Road and Forest St.

Artist: Ann Marie Clow
Painted Children's Playhouse , part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS. Located at Sealed Landers Park, Main Street,  Yarmouth NS

Artist: Tootsie Emin
Painted Children's Playhouse, part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS. 
Located at Yarmouth County Museum on Collins Street,  Yarmouth NS

Artist: Roy Mandell.
Painted Children's Playhouse, part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS. 
Located at the Mariners Centre, Yarmouth NS.

Artist: Maggie Mandell.
Painted Children's Playhouse, part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS. 
Located at Cape Forchu Lightstation, Yarmouth NS

Artist: Jennie Lamont.
Painted Children's Playhouse, part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS. 
Located next to Emins Meat Market, Main Street, Yarmouth NS

Artist: Margriet Knubben.
Painted Children's Playhouse, part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS. 
Located at the Visitors Centre, Forest Street, Yarmouth NS.

Artist: Grades 5 & 6 French Immersion students, Plymouth School
Painted Children's Playhouse, part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS. 
Located at the Ferry Terminal, Water Street, Yarmouth NS

Artist: Printmakers, David Cain, Annie Harding, Cecil Day, Virginia Stoddard, Ivan Blades
Painted Children's Playhouse, part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS.  Located at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Western Branch), Alma Square,  Yarmouth NS

Artist: Gary Stewart and Steve Nickerson
Painted Children's Playhouse, part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS. 
Located at Th'YARC, Parade Street,  Yarmouth NS

Artist: Coral Fuller and  Sydney Fuller
Painted Children's Playhouse, part of the "Maudified" House Project in Yarmouth NS. 
Located at Town Hall, Main Street, Yarmouth NS

Learn more about the “Maudifield House Project in Yarmouth here:

Prince Edward Island – Public Art Pics

Photos by Darrin White of Art in the City public art pieces 
(Art in the City is a joint project between the City of Charlottetown and the Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts)

“A Field for Now” by artist Becka Viau, Located at the West Royalty Community Centre in Charlottetown.

“Watermark PEI” by artist Mauricio Aristizábal, located at the Charlottetown Airport.

“Bluefin Bullet” by artist Gerald Beaulieu, located at 97 Queen Street in Charlottetown.

"Par un dimanche au soir" by  artist Lucie B. Bellemare located at Carrefour de l'Isle-Saint-Jean, 5 promenade Acadienne, Charlottetown.

“Hydrant” by artists Ahmon Katz & Ken Shelton located at Fire Station 2, 152 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown.

“Glowbowling & Snackbar” by artist Betty-Joe McCarville, located at Murphy's Community Centre, 200 Richmond Street, Charlottetown.

“Unlocking History” by artist Carl Phillis located at the Confederation Trail at Belvedere Avenue near Farmers' Market, Charlottetown

“Civic Centre Montage” by artist Brenda Whiteway, located at the Charlottetown Civic Centre.

“Span 1 & 2” by artist Damien Worth, located at Hillsborough Park Community Centre, Charlottetown.

Nominated by Heather Blumhagen Idt
"Before I Die" communal art wall, located on the corner of Richmond & Queen  Street on the Arts Guild Building (The Guild) in Charlottetown.
“Before I Die is a global art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations in a public art space. #beforeidiePEI.”

Photo snapped by Shirley Gallant
 Shirley Gallant  took this photo under the Covehead bridge in Covehead, PEI. Artist unknown.

And the Winners are...

(A submission from each province was randomly selected)

New Brunswick: Michael McDonald

Newfoundland: Sara Spike

Nova Scotia: Angela J. Reynolds

Prince Edward Island: Shirley Gallant

Congratulations to our winners and to all those who participated. Not only did you send in some beautiful pictures, but you also helped celebrate and promote artists and their talents across the region!

You can also view the public art pictures in geographic style, by visiting:
You can also continue to send us pictures whenever you want to put more communities and public art on the MAP!

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